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Artloch Fishery is situated 3 miles outside of Huntly, Aberdeenshire and is popular with local anglers because of its natural setting, its clean and tidy facilities and its quality fighting trout. Built in 1976, making it the first rainbow trout water in Aberdeenshire, it was re-opened in October 2003.

Almost 5 acres of bank rainbow and brown trout fly-fishing in a very peaceful, natural setting.

Stocked with good fighting Rainbow trout from 2 lbs into double figures.

Resident Brown trout up to 10 lbs.

Two silt ponds ensure the water is clear, albeit slightly peaty in colour.

Loch is set against a backdrop of mature conifers and deciduous trees.

Abundance of natural aquatic and aerial life.

A warm welcome to both regular and visiting anglers.

While you "rest a while" at Artloch Fishery you may glance the visiting osprey, or even an otter, and reflecting upon the local wildlife, leave your stresses and worries behind.



The River Don is well known for being a good salmon river, it also has a very good reputation for sea trout, but the reason why most anglers visit the River Don is to fish for it's cracking wild brown trout. The Don has some excellent fly water with plenty of fast flowing streamy runs and rocky pools.


You will also find some lovely glides and slow deep holding pools where the trout often rise freely in the evening to abundant fly life - but not always! It is a wonderful river to explore and with such a great variety of water and locations to fish, you are bound to find somewhere that will become your favourite stretch.

Lochpark is situated close to the village of Drummuir in Moray , and , only 5 minutes from Castleview ,it is probably one of the finest Brown trout lochs in Scotland.

The loch is for most of the time covered in prolific weed , but however don’t let that put you of as there are fish in the 1lb -3lb waiting to be caught by the angler 

River Deveron

The River is situated close to Castleview and offers suberb Brown Trout fishing for the visiting Angler, it can also be good for Salmon given the right water conditions .

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